Gillece Reviews Customer Liesl’s Home Repair

Liesl offers her review of Gillece Services and shares her storyGillece Services Gets Customer’s Gas Line Repaired and Heat Turned Back on, Keeping her Pets Warm and Safe

Gillece Services’ customer Liesl from Wilkins Township came home just like any other day on a Saturday, but much to her surmise, this certain Saturday was going to be something quite unusual.  This Saturday, she quickly and alarmingly noticed a large hole in the ground’s street located on the outside of her property, which gave her immediate pause.  Even more alarming was the fact that once inside her home, she suddenly became aware that her gas had been completely shut off without any sort of notification.  Liesl directly thought of the lack of gas-powered heat within her home and the warmth and well-being of her beloved pets.  Without hesitation, Liesl called Gillece, recalling what a swift and effective job Gillece HVAC Heating Services had done with her home’s furnace.

Liesl noticed that her heat was turned off (due to no gas supply) around noon that particular Saturday.  Liesl, wondering why the gas had indeed been shut off, learned that there was some sort of gas leak related to a cracked line on and/or near her property.  To make matters even more stressful, and what added to her prevalent concern over her pets, was that she was scheduled to leave the Pittsburgh area for Florida on Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m.- the next day.  After she placed an initial call into Gillece Services, Chad, a Gillece Plumbing Services Technician arrived at her home in a Bobcat for digging, ready to begin work by 2:00 p.m.- 2 hours later.

Gillece Plumbers are qualified to work on gas lines- they have the skills, know-how, and equipment.  All local Pittsburgh gas companies require that plumbers who work on gas service lines be D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) Certified.  Gillece Services Plumbers are D.O.T. Certified and are trained and experienced plumbers.  Gillece plumbers work well and in coordination with local gas companies in addition to Gillece customers.

Over a 3-day period, Gillece Services, Liesl’s gas company, and Liesl’s good neighbor friend pitched in to get her home up and running.  Liesl left for Florida while her neighbor acted on her behalf, letting Chad into her home while he stay connected with the gas company, as well as Liesl, to ensure that her gas supply was restored and that her heat got turned back on as soon as possible.  This for Chad, of course, involved the actual repair to the gas line,  working with the gas company, the physical effort of working on Liesl’s property  (which had difficult landscape issues), and getting the meter hooked up.  No problem for Chad.  He was more than happy to assist and had the skills, tools, and equipment to get the job done right.

Ultimately after the gas company was able to inspect the repaired line, gas was restored, heat was turned on, the neighbor could go home, Chad’s work was done, and Liesl was none the happier.  By Tuesday, her home was fully functional and up-and-running and she was notified as to just that while still in Florida.  Liesl was so grateful that she went as far as to write a thank you letter on singing the praises of Gillece and Chad, the Gillece Technician.  She knew that she was paying for the best and getting the most efficient, quality service by calling Gillece Services- and, she was quite relieved that Gillece does NOT charge by the hour- Gillece charges by the job.

Gilley, Gillece’s loveable and chatty Macaw parrot, was happy to learn along with Gillece Services, that two of Liesl’s pets are parrots!  Gilley is a real, live bird and extended friend of the Gillece family who knows what to do in a Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and/or Electrical emergency-  Call Gillece!  He was quite relieved that Liesl knew what to do as well, as he would not want anything to happen to his fine-feathered friends!