Another Positive Gillece Review- From Customer Dorothy L.

Dorother Called Gillece and shares her Gillece ReviewGillece Customer Dorothy L. Exclaimed, “All I Know is I was Really Happy!”

Early in the month of April, Dorothy L. called Gillece Services when her 87-year-old home, the cellar to be specific, was experiencing the effects of a sewer back-up.  She had noticed visible water and, like so many other homeowners, had immediate concern and was seeking an equally immediate solution.  Many Pittsburgh area homeowners turn to Gillece daily for clogged drains and sewer drain back-ups.  Gillece Plumbing Services offers Gilley’s Clog Crusher- guaranteed to crush any clog- no matter how big or small.

Gillece Services’ Plumbers came to the rescue, complete with a sewer line inspection camera, and busily got to work!  Getting to the root of the problem with the equipment in place, they were able to show Dorothy just exactly what was going on with her sewer system, and it wasn’t too pretty.  The good news was that everything could be fixed and her beloved home would not be jeopardized.  She explained that while she did end up with a new outside sewer line, the Gillece experience- from quality of work to customer service to Technician interaction- made her really happy!  So much so that she called into Gillece Offices and shared what an excellent job the Technicians did and that she wanted Gillece managers and everyone else to know!

Dorothy’s Gillece review of how pleased she was included mentioning how the Gillece Technicians were timely, personable, and really nice guys.  She loved all of them!

Gillece Services Technicians are timely, friendly, courteous, cordial, competent, knowledgeable, hardworking, clean, respectful, polite, drug-free, and experts.  Dorothy knew she made the right decision by calling Gillece when they showed up at her door, ready to work!

Gillece Services Technicians and employees are required to pass a criminal record background check and are tested for a history of drug use- from the Customer Service Specialist that answers your first call to the Plumber that shows up at your front door.  We believe in safety first- both with our customers and their homes.

Gillece Services and its Technicians have nothing but respect for customers like Dorothy, her loved ones, and her home.  They arrived at her home uniformed- complete with company ID badge, shoe covers to protect her carpeting and floors, and treated her home as if it were their own.  Gillece understands and respects the personal situation that’s created when a Gillece Services Technician visits a home, and takes this responsibility very seriously.

*Restrictions apply.  Call for details.