First-time Customer’s Gillece Review of Plumbing Services

First-time Customer Jean is “Sold” on Gillece Services

Gillece solves toilet problem for a customer in this reviewNew customer Jean called Gillece for plumbing service to address a leaking toilet in her second story bathroom. The problem had been persisting for some time, but Jean said another company who came to fix it could not. When the leak became worse, water started to drip from the ceiling into the first floor. Jean remembered seeing Gillece’s commercials on TV, so she looked up the number in the yellow pages and called for service.

Gillece Technician Eric arrived at Jean’s home to address her plumbing problem. Jean said that she could tell Eric knew what he was doing right away. Jean explained to Eric what she thought the problem might be after she had last been upstairs with the other company. Because Jean could not get upstairs easily due to limited mobility, she could not always see what was happening in her second story bathroom. She originally thought the leak was coming from the base of the toilet. Eric went upstairs to assess the situation himself.

Moving between the first and second floors to work in the bathroom and to talk to Jean, Eric explained that a part within the toilet tank might not have been put on properly, and that’s where the leak was coming from. Jean thought that the handle and other parts might need replaced with new ones, but Eric said her toilet was brand new and he had the part he needed in his truck. Jean said she appreciated Eric’s honesty with her and that he knew his business. She trusted the work that he was doing although she could not get upstairs to see it herself.

Eric was able to stop the leak and made sure there was no more water dripping from the ceiling. Jean said that Eric made sure she understood everything that he was doing, which she appreciated. Eric’s great service, attitude, and competence all made Jean glad that she had called Gillece when she’d never used a TV-advertised company before. Now, she said she will be calling again for more work in her basement and will also take advantage of Gillece’s special offers. She said Nick really “sold” her, and she’s a tough sale.