Cranking up the air conditioner is great for comfort… but, what about those dirty air ducts?

If you haven’t used your home air cooling system on a recent warm Pittsburgh day, chances are you’ve at least tested it for use.  Soon, you and your loved ones will be enjoying the warmth of spring and summer, while also staying comfortable in your very own home with cooled forced air from your central air conditioner cooling your environment.  But, wait just a minute!  Have you ever thought about the cleanliness of your cooling air ducts?  The very pathways through which cool air travels and is delivered to you…?  If not, you’ll want to think about it and fast.

Dirty air ducts no doubt affect the quality of your home’s air which affects what you breathe which affects your health.  Cooling air ducts that are dark, damp, and dirty offer an excellent breeding ground for mold, fungi, and dust mites which can spread rapidly when air ducts are in actual use to cool your home.  Pet hair, pet dander, dust mites’ feces, pollen, decaying organic matter, residue from chemicals and household products, viruses, bacteria, skin flakes, etc. are typically trapped within your home – your home’s “indoor air” – specifically, your home’s air ducts.  Gillece Services knows that many of these unwanted elements cause discomfort and infections, and can trigger and often enhance allergy and asthma problems and symptoms.

Cleaner cooling air ducts always lead to better air quality within your home.  Have your air ducts cleaned by a professional Gillece HVAC Cooling Technician now.  Our technicians are skilled certified to thoroughly assess and clean the ductwork of your entire household and we come prepared with all of the right equipment and tools necessary.  If you’re not completely convinced by this point, there are other reasons in addition to health benefits to get those air ducts cleaned properly.  The operation of your ductwork will actually improve due to the fact that air flow is pushing through effectively, which yes, can indeed assist in reducing your utility bills.  You’ll also see a noticeable difference in the amount of dust in your home.  Plus, clean air ducts mean clean-smelling – no musty odors.  Finally, air is more evenly distributed, so rooms are more balanced and comfortable.

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