air conditioning unitSpring arrived recently, according to our calendars, but Pittsburgh weather has consisted of wintery cold and snow for months. Our furnaces are still running, and memories of sunshine, green yards, and blue skies have slipped away, along with recollections of turning on our air conditioning. Nonetheless, Gilley says we should remember that the weather will warm up sooner or later, and when it does, we all have to be ready to cool down our homes safely and efficiently.

That’s why each year Gillece offers an AC Safety Startup Check that’s recommended to be done in the beginning of spring. A Gillece HVAC Technician checks all parts of the air conditioning unit to make sure it has been properly cleaned and is free of damage. The air filter, condenser, and evaporator are just a few of many areas under inspection. Then, if any repairs are needed, you can explore your options before you need to cool your home for the season. If not, then you can rest assured that your AC is ready to go and safe to operate.

Don’t forget about cleaning your air conditioner, either. Since the condenser unit sits outside all winter, exposed to the elements, it can become filled with debris. More often than not, dirty components of a central air conditioner are to blame for a multitude of problems and performance issues. Gillece HVAC Technicians can conduct a thorough AC cleaning separate from the startup check, as well. Together, you will know that your unit has been handled by a professional from top to bottom, inside out, to prepare your home for warm months that we are all waiting for- Gilley included!