Tom Gillece thoughtfully planned this year’s annual “Gillece Services 2011 Haiti Plumbing Mission”  in connection with Pastor Pierre and Friends of HaiTi.  Mr. Anthony Venditti, a skill-certified Gillece Services Plumbing Technician, volunteered and carried out this year’s Haiti Plumbing Mission by implementing a relief program that included Plumbing correction, construction, and installation strategies for doctor clinics, dental clinics, and the Friends of HaitTi compound, along with educational training on hygiene and sanitation practices, and clean water issues.  Friends of HaiTi was especially happy to hear that the Plumbing trade would be well represented this year by Gillece Service’s Anthony Vendetti, as his background covered commercial plumbing, specifically for dental offices…. which proved to be an enormous asset to the mission’s initiatives for Haiti.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Anthony took with him over eight years of Plumbing experience including his Gillece Services employment while he happily volunteered to conduct the mission and truly enjoys helping people.  Anthony, “I’ve always enjoyed helping others, especially being able to help children.  It was so rewarding not only to see how happy the children were because we were there and they knew we were going to help them, but also to actually directly see where our time and money was going…”

Friend of HaiTi’s Pastor Pierre, “The Gillece Plumbing company sent a young man, Anthony Venditti, to solve the plumbing problem that we had with three new bathrooms in the guest house’s addition.  It was very difficult, but he put us back in business.  Now, thanks to the Gillece plumbing, we can accommodate our guests better in the days to come.  Anthony went also to Paul to do plumbing in the bathroom that we have in the medical clinic for our American guests.  Since Anthony started this plumbing from scratch he was able to teach me and Dr Miguel.  I admire Anthony very much.  It was his first time in the country.  He had no idea what to expect.  He brought all the supplies he could think of, but he learned a great lesson in Haiti – you cannot go to Gillece Services to get all you need, or to Home Depot or Lowes…You’ve got to make whatever is available work!  In spite of that, he did a perfect job.  Thank you Tom and thank you Anthony.”

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