With a little more than a month left until school is back in session, you might find that your children or teenagers are experiencing a little cabin fever. As the temperature and the humidity has begun to steadily rise, your children are getting worn-out faster and seek solace inside in the air conditioning of your home. The only downside is they tend to get a little stir crazy when kept inside all night.

Help your children and teenagers escape the heat and keep your sanity by venturing out to these various places that you’ll all enjoy.

Catch a movie – A fun way to spend a hot and humid summer day is heading to the closest movie theatre for a few hours of popcorn, candy and a fun family movie in the dark, cool air conditioning.

Take a swim – Give your garden hose or sprinkler system a break and spend the whole day at the public swimming pool or waterpark. Your children will spend a lot of energy splashing and jumping into the pool, ensuring that they’ll get a good night’s rest.

Learn – Spend the day learning and head downtown to one of the many museums in Pittsburgh. You can spend hours taking a tour and exploring interactive exhibits in the cool air conditioning provided by any of these museums.

Laser tag – Looking for a way to keep your child active despite the heat outside? Spend a few hours playing laser tag with your children. Call up the neighbors and offer to take their children and make a whole outing of it – don’t forget to treat both teams to pizza afterward!

Escape room – If your high school children are too old to enjoy laser tag, take them to any of the escape rooms in the Pittsburgh area. You’ll have one intense hour to solve various problems and puzzles to escape a fun intense scenario. This is a great team building activity that will make for some solid sibling bonding time.


Image via Post-Gazette.com